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The Bags For Drums MURITTU, are the best of the Italian artesanal work and experience on leather, applied for the protection of music instruments and style.

All the bags are designed like unique objects and are hand-made in Italy, Bags For Drums Murittu give to the drums protection and give to the percussionist the possibility to carry heavy drums very confortably, with a touch of Italian style.

There are several sizes available:

- 12" x 10” deep ( RIQQ – TAMBURELLO model)

- 14" x 10” deep ( BEDIR – TAMBURELLO model)

- 16" x 12” deep ( TAR - MIZHAR model)

- 18" x 12” deep ( MIZHAR –TAMMORRA model)

- 18" x 16” deep ( TAPAN model)

- 20" x 13” deep ( FRAME DRUMS – TAR model)

- 20" x 16” deep ( DAVUL model)

- 22" x 13” deep ( LARGE FRAME DRUMS model)


All the bags have a front pocket for scores, papers and sticks,

Bags available also for other drums:


It is also posssible to make tailored bags to cater for special requirements and larger sizes of drums.

















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